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Civil/Site Development
Site Development is a complex process that requires a multitude of disciplines and expertise. When developing a site and hard money is on the line, you will want a team of professionals who have the experience and skill set to not only provide a cost effective design, but also navigate the complex web of permitting and zoning regulations.
TWP Consulting Group has helped clients by providing innovative design options, but also navigating the complex world of permitting by obtining site plan approvals, help with rezoning thoughout the southeast.
Successful projects include:
-Party Tables Expansion, Durham, NC
-Silver Oaks Apartments Waterline Repair & Separation, Clarkston, GA
-The Estates At West Cascade Multi-Family Rezoning Support, Fulton County, GA


Commercial/Site engineering

Residential Subdivision Design

Urban, Suburban and Rural Street Design

Sanitary Sewer & Septic System Design

Water Distribution Design

Sediment & Erosion Control Design

Stormwater Conveyance Design

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