Construction Services

Construction Services
Land Development is a difficult and comprehensive task. After figuring out what the challenges are from due diligence, then designing and permitting the project, then the time comes to build it. None of the task invloved in developing land should be taken lightly, however the most cost intensive and potentially scary and exiting times, is when the project goes to construction. At this point you hope that all of your past efforts provide a smooth and successful construction. The reality however is that not doing appropriate due diligence and preparing a thoughtful design is a guarentee of future problems, however doing all of the pre-planning does not guarentee a successful construction. This is because, there are many unknowns that still can occur as well as a multitude of items that need to be coordinated for proper timing.
TWP Consulting Group has helped owners and contractors during the construction phase. For owners we can be the eyes and ears for you during construction and provide a real time solution for problems that occur during construction to save time and money. For contractors we can provide design support, and coordination efforts to lias between jurisdictions and/or utilities and contractor.
Successful projects include:
-Verizon Wireless New Build Kingsmill Resort, Williamsburg, VA
-Walmart Store #3761, Atlanta(W), Fulton County, GA


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